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For The Holidays

There are ten federal holidays in the United States and for many of them we go all out celebrating. Hot dogs, hamburgers, beer or fireworks, we’re going to make the best of summer while we can. And, who can blame you? When it’s warm outside you can play in the pool and do some amazing backyard grilling. It’s the perfect way to get to know neighbors or enjoy the company of friends.

When it gets too cold to party outside, we celebrate inside with delicious, hearty stews and fellowship around the fireplace.  Warm, intimate get-togethers provide the perfect chance to create memories that’ll stay with you for years. And, if you’re outside helping the kids build an epic fortress made of doom (also known as snow) it’s nice to come into a warm, cheery home with a crackling fire. 

Studies have shown that your environment affects your health so you need your living space to have things in it that bring you happiness. Your holiday decorations may not be up year around, but while they are up it’s a reminder that there’s something to look forward to. 

Whether it’s Christmas and your favorite aunt is coming with her famous casserole, or it’s 4th of July and you’re ready to fire up your new outdoor kitchen grill, celebrate with some holiday décor!

Gear up for the spookiest time of the year with a blog all about decorating your fireplace!

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