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52"W x 32 1/2"H 4-Fold Polished Brass & B...
This lavish 4-fold arched 
polished brass & black fireplace 
screen will block out dangerous 
sparks a... 
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52"W x 32 1/2"H 4-Fold Polished Brass/Bla...
This beautiful 4-fold 
polished brass and black screen 
features a lovely filigree design. It 
also st... 
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52"W x 29 1/2"H 3-Fold Straight Edge Blac...
Featuring a straight edge, 
this black 3-fold fireplace 
screen will stop any dangerous 
sparks or emb... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 31 1/2"H 4-Fold Black Arched Screen
This simple yet beautiful 
4-fold arched black screen will 
protect you and your home from 
sparks and... 
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52"W x 32"H 3-Fold Simple Design Arched B...
This elegant and simple 
3-fold arched bronze screen will 
block out any sparks or embers 
that might ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 32"H 3-Fold Pewter Arched Screen
Both simple and lightweight, 
this 3-fold arched pewter screen 
will block out any stray sparks & 
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52"W x 31"H 3-Fold Arched Black Screen wi...
Set this beautiful 3-fold 
arched black leaf design screen in 
front of your fireplace and be 
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52"W x 30"H 3-Fold Arched Screen with Dia...
This gorgeous 3-fold wrought 
iron screen features an elegant 
diamond design. It will block out 
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48"W x 30"H 4-Fold Arched Black Screen wi...
With its cotton tail design 
this 4-fold black screen will 
look perfect in any home. It will 
block o... 
Free shipping|In Stock
55"W x 32"H 3-Fold Arched Wrought Iron Sc...
Add functionality and 
elegance to your fireplace with this 
3-fold arched wrought iron screen. 
Free shipping|In Stock
47"W x 31"H 3-Fold Arched Bronze Screen w...
Add some flare to your 
fireplace with this beautiful 3-fold 
bronze arched screen. Protecting 
you fr... 
Free shipping|In Stock
64"W x 32"H 3-Fold Arched Decorative Scre...
Made from wrought iron, this 
screen sits in front of your fire 
place to protect from random 
embers ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 34"H 3-Fold Arched Floral Design S...
Beauty meets functionality 
with this 3-fold arched floral 
design screen! This screen will 
block spa... 
Free shipping|In Stock
3-Fold Black Arched Screen 29 Inch Height
An easy yet effective method 
to keep you and your home safe 
from hazardous embers and sparks 
is thi... 
Free shipping|In Stock
3-Fold Duck Hunting Design Screen
This screen will make a bold 
statement while keeping you safe by 
blocking out any stray embers or s... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 31"H 3-Fold Arched Bronze Screen w...
Protect your home with this 
3-fold bronze screen with a leaf 
design. It will block out stray 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 34"H 3-Fold Black Arched Screen 34...
This 3-Fold fireplace screen 
has a very simple design but 
very effective at keeping stray 
sparks an... 
Free shipping|In Stock
51 1/2"W x 34"H 3-Fold Arched Wrought Iro...
Add beauty to your fireplace 
all while staying safe. This 
3-fold bronze screen will block out 
any o... 
Free shipping|In Stock
49 1/2"W x 31 1/2"H 3-Fold Arched Antique...
Add a new look to your 
fireplace while blocking out random 
sparks/embers with this 3-fold arched 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 31 1/2"H 3-Fold Center Arched Wrou...
This 3-fold black wrought 
iron screen features a center 
arch for style. It will block out 
any spark... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 40"H 3-Fold Black Arched Screen 40...
This 3-fold fireplace screen 
is a simple yet easy solution 
to those hazardous sparks and 
embers tha... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 34"H 3-Fold Arched Antique Brass S...
This simple, safe, yet 
marvelous 3- fold antique brass 
fireplace screen will stop any 
potential spa... 
Free shipping|In Stock
50"W x 31"H 3-Fold Arched Satin Nickel Sc...
Set this 3-fold screen in 
front of your fire place and you 
are ready to go! No worries 
about sparks... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 34"H 3-Fold Arched Polished Brass ...
This elegant 3-fold polished 
brass 3-fold screen provides 
beauty and safety by blocking out 
any spa... 
Free shipping|In Stock
39"W x 31"H 3-Fold Center Arched Wrought ...
This 3-fold center arched 
black wrought iron screen looks 
great while protecting you and 
your home ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 39"H 3-Fold Center Arched Wrought ...
This 3-fold black center 
arched wrought iron screen will 
look great while keeping you and 
your home... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 32"H Arched 3-Fold Black Rustic St...
With its rustic star design, 
this black arched 3-fold wrought 
iron screen will block out those 
Free shipping|In Stock
37"W x 31"H Owl Design Arched Panel Scree...
This arched wrought iron 
panel screen has an intricate hand 
brushed owl design. It also features 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 29"H 3-Fold Arched Pewter Screen
This 3-fold fireplace screen 
is made from durable steel with 
a pewter finish, which will 
block out ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
52"W x 34"H 3-Fold Arched Bronze Screen w...
This beautiful 3-fold arched 
bronze screen provides beauty and 
functionality by blocking out embers... 
Free shipping|In Stock
55"W x 32"H Curly Design Arched Panel Scr...
This black curly design 
wrought iron screen will keep you 
safe by blocking out embers & 
sparks. Has... 
Free shipping|In Stock
50 3/4"W x 34 3/4"H Cowboy Design 3-Fold ...
Set this in front of your 
fireplace to protect you and your 
home. No more worries about sparks 
or ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
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Folding Screens

Our custom, free-standing fireplace screens are simple, beautiful, and functional. Protect your home and loved ones with these screens when you add them to applications that boast an open-hearth style or do not have recessed mesh curtains. These single panel fireplace screens come in a variety of options. Choose from traditional to more ornate designs to match your décor. No matter which model you choose, the large viewing area will allow for a unique display.