Empire Folding Log Carrier with Burnished Bronze Frame

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EMP 18519
Pilgrim log carrier and frame

You can get the best of both worlds with this log carrier stand! Enjoy maximum storage with the burnished bronze folding frame and enjoy the ease of carrying firewood with our suede log carrier. Tote a handful of logs with just one hand while freeing up your other hand to open doors or grab a handrail. No worries about dropping logs since the firewood sling does all of the supporting. Once you've hauled all of your logs to your fireplace, you can store them on the frame until you need to use them. When not in use, simply fold them both up for easy storage. 

  • Folding suede log carrier with burnished bronze frame
Width of stand: 24 Inches
Height of stand: 19 Inches
Length of stand: 15 Inches
Material: Leather suede carrier and bronze frame
Features & Benefits:
  • Frees up your hand so you can use it to balance yourself on a stairway handrail or open doors. 
  • You don't have to hold firewood against your torso - instead you can carry it at your side, keeping your clothes clean.
  • With this log carrier, you can store your firewood on the metal frame, keeping your hearth neat and tidy.

Leaves warehouse within seven business days. 

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Last updated on January 17th 2018.