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Fireplace Style vs. Fireplace Door Stile

Learn about the difference between fireplace door "style" and a "stile" on your fireplace door!

 May 1, 2017    Fireplace Doors, Masonry Doors, Manufactured Doors

Stile vs Style - There is a difference.Imagine this...

You just got your brand new fireplace doors; the ones you've been eyeballing on Fireplace Doors Online since last fall! After your tax return arrived, you decided to splurge a little on an entirely new look for the focal point in your living room. Now that it's here and installed, it looks absolutely fantastic! You've invited some friends over for cocktails and they are amazed at the facelift you've given your entertainment area. As you all gather around the fireplace for good conversation over a bottle of wine, a couple of your friends comment on your fireplace door style...but wait a second. Are they talking about the classy, designer appearance that makes your entire room pop with panache? Or are they referring to the stile...the part of your gorgeous new door that holds the glass securely in place? 

When most people hear this interchangeable word, they automatically associate it with a certain look or design (such as contemporary, modern, rustic, etc.). The style gives our home character while appealing to our individual tastes and needs. A unique style can be exaggerated by flashy colors, patterns, and themes. It can emphasize functionality or simply serve no other purpose than to showcase collectibles or extravagant art pieces. Style, theoretically, ties the home together and is often consistent throughout. A “stile”, however, is a very important piece of your fireplace door. It is found within the frame, and can easily be confused as a continuous piece. In fact, it is a totally separate part! Its job is to securely encase the glass panels of your fireplace door.

Let's take a closer look at the "anatomy" of your fireplace door. The frame is meant to be completely stationary. It is mounted to the face of the fireplace, or to the metal firebox, with pressure or sheet metal screws. It is similar to a regular door frame in your home. It bears the weight of the door through hinges (or other hardware in the case of a fireplace) and allows you to engage (open or close) the door easily. The stiles are not considered stationary. They surround the glass and make up the door itself. In some models, they are connected to the frame and hold the glass in place at the top and bottom of the panel. In other cases, they completely surround the glass on all sides. The handle on your fireplace door is considered part of the door stile.

To gain a better understanding, take a look at the pictures below. The door frame is indicated by the blue arrows, while the door stile is indicated by the red arrows:


While most stiles match the frame in color and appearance, some door models allow the homeowner to customize it in different, yet complementary shades.

As you can see, a “stile” is an entirely different subject compared to “style”! Fireplace Doors Online does, however, have an extensive collection of elegant, trendy, and fashionable designs for you to choose from when it comes to updating the look of your fireplace doors. Enjoy perusing our beautiful line-up of masonry and zero clearance doors! And when one of your friends compliments the style (or is that stile?) that you chose, you can brief them on your vast knowledge of fireplaces, as well as home décor!

Last updated on September 21st 2020.


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