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Fireplaces And Mantels

Have you always wanted a fireplace but didn't have the money to add one on? Many of our customers have shared your pain, that's why FireplaceDoorsOnline is proud to present our electric fireplaces! They don't put out emissions and all you need is an electric outlet. These easy to setup fireplaces can be put anywhere and are a great way to keep your room nice and comfortable this winter.

We've also got some great gas log sets for your gas fireplace and installation is as easy as hooking them up to your gas line and setting it in the firebox!

Last, but certainly not least, FireplaceDoorsOnline is proud to show you our pre-cast stone mantels. These mantels may look heavy and expensive, but don't be fooled! They are made of lightweight fiberglass and reinforced with gypsum so they'll be easier to install and last a long time. You can even paint our mantels to match your home décor, just be sure to show us! We love to see what our customers do with our products.