Mortar and Adhesives

Fireplace Doors Online offers high heat mortar mix and high temperature silicone adhesives for all your stove and fireplace repair needs! These products that tried and proven to deliver incredible performance!

Our mortars can withstand intense heat up to 2000° F! Best used for filling in joints and flaws that have formed over the years between the bricks on your fireplace. For a DIY task that requires you to pour castable fire brick, we have a terrific refractory cement that will get the job done right!

Our adhesives are great for gasket and glass installations. They are NSF approved and adapt to many substrate surfaces. 

All of these mortars and adhesives are quick curing, durable, simple to use, and low odor products! For more information on which selection is appropriate for your project, give our customer service experts a call at 1-877-373-6677!