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Safety & Maintenance

Fireplace Doors Online wants all of our customers to be able to safely use their fireplaces throughout the year.

We will help you learn how to best care for your fireplace, chimney, fireplace doors, and hearth.

Keeping your fireplace, chimney, and fireplace doors clean and maintained is extremely important for safe fireplace use. We have tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to best maintain your fireplace, as well as how to keep your home, children, and pets safe.

A gas fire pit is the perfect way to get that natural fire feel in the backyard, without actively burning wood in a hazardous location. That being said, gas fire pits aren’t the safest outdoor appliances either. It is important for us to learn how to properly and safely use anything we mean to buy for our homes. If you mean to buy a gas...
Did you know that you can optimize the space above your fireplace with family pictures and a whole lot of other knickknacks? That’s right. Fireplace mantels provide an excellent way to fill up and make good use of the space above your fireplace. It adds a touch of magnificence and grandeur to your home decor in general and heating...
        Ever tried zero clearance fireplace doors? These affordable easy install American made doors are fabricated in a variety of gorgeous styles and designs. You want to keep your family safe and warm all year round, be sure to check out our collection of the best prefab fireplace doors . Factory...

Keep your wood burning fireplace in tip-top shape with these simple and easy maintenance tips.

Fireplace cleaning products provide an excellent way to keep the glass doors of your heating appliance attractively clean for unmatched heating performance. Cleaning the fireplace might seem very simple and easy. In truth though, that isn’t the case. You need the right tools and appliances to help you out. At Fireplace Doors...
Are you looking for the best fireplace hardware and related accessories? At Fireplace Doors Online we have a large collection of some of the best brands in our collection. When it comes to the selection of fireplace hardware, one ought to be super cautious. In our fireplace hardware collection, we have among other products ceramic...

Customers have loved our Easy Fireplace Glass Door Finder so much that we decided to make one for mesh and spark protection! In 2 easy steps, we’ll guide to the right mesh for your fireplace using visual examples, and then direct you to the appropriate category.

Fireplace, chimney, and wood stove maintenance is essential not just to the safety of your home, but your family as well. Don't skimp on maintenance as it could be deadly. These tips can help you not only properly maintain your fireplace or chimney, but guide you in the proper direction to finding the right professional to help you with any repair needs. 

When looking for a fireplace door for your Zero Clearance fireplace, make sure you are buying the correct type of door. Forget going to a big box store - come to Fireplace Doors Online - the experts in fireplaces!

Fireplace doors, screens, and gates are essential accessories you should have to protect your pets when using your fireplace. 

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