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Have you been working for your fireplace, but it hasn’t been working for you?

Cleaning and maintaining a fireplace is hard work and you want to see a return on that when it comes to the power bill in those frigid winter months. If it seems like you’re doing all the work and you’re still chilly, maybe it’s time to invest in a fireplace insert! Fireplace inserts not only update the look of your fireplace, they also make it more energy efficient and work to increase your fireplace’s zone heating

Fireplace inserts can be put in either zero-clearance fireplaces, such as the beautiful Model 329 Vent Free Insert for your prefab fireplace, or for your masonry fireplace, the stately Franklin Direct Vent gas insert.  A few of our gas fireplace inserts don’t even require the fireplace, like this one!

Not really into gas? That’s okay, many homeowners find running gas lines to be too daunting of a task, but that doesn’t mean that you have to just live with an inefficient fireplace. Our wood burning inserts are a fantastic option if you want to maximize your fireplace without going to the cost and effort of installing gas lines and having your home inspected. Because not all wood fireplace inserts are compatible with both masonry fireplaces as well as prefab ones, it’s good to know what kind of fireplace you have. If you aren’t sure, check out our guide!

Making your fireplace more efficient doesn’t have to be a sacrifice in style. We have ultra modern wood inserts as well as ones that look more traditional or like they belong in a well decorated geek den. You don’t even have to have a fireplace to get an insert! If you don’t have a fireplace and can’t go to the expense of installing one, consider a wood stove. Wood stoves, like this one designed to burn longer, are a great option if you want the benefits and ambiance of a fireplace but can’t afford to have a chimney built and fireplace installed.


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