Fireplace Grate Heaters

Fireplace grate heaters are an excellent way to improve fuel economy and the efficiency of your wood burning application! These amazing products are designed specifically for masonry units and will distribute more warmth to your home. Equipped with a thermostatic control, a plug-in fireplace grate heat exchanger pulls in cool air from the room in which your heat source resides, warms it up, and then recirculates this heated air throughout the surrounding area. The average masonry application will improve from 15% to over 500% efficiency with this wood burning fireplace blower system! 


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Can these fireplace grate blowers be used with a prefabricated fireplace?

  • Yes, as long as there's enough room that the heater can fit inside the firebox, they can be used in prefab fireplaces.

Can they be used in a power outage?

  • No. Without electricity to power the unit, the grate heaters cannot circulate air.

Can I light a fire in the grate without running the blowers?

  • No, this is not recommended. If the power goes out while you are using the grate heater, do not add anymore f\wood to the fire and let it die out.