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  • operation of a fireplace
  • installation of fireplace doors, refacings, and replacement products (gaskets, glass, insulation, fireplace door mounting kits, screen hardware, glass retainer clips)
  • installation of fireplace hoods, mantels, mantel surrounds, and mantel shelves
  • installation of metal wall or surround panels, door suspension/riser bars,
  • use of cleaning and maintenance products (mortar, adhesives, paint, cleaning products, lintel irons/mortar frames)
  • use of fireplace associated accessories (safety screens, mesh curtains, gas log sets, fireplace log lighters, fireplace grates & grate heaters, gas valve assembly, coal baskets, fireplace tools)

Fireplace Doors Online cannot be held liable for any misuse or improper installation of the above mentioned.

Last updated on November 6th 2017.

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