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Fireplace Doors And Grate Heaters

Keep out cold drafts from the chimney and increase the heat output of your wood burning fireplace with masonry fireplace doors with grate heaters. Wood burning fireplace blowers can deliver up to 40,000 BTUs of heat to keep your living space comfy, cozy. The fan speeds can be adjusted manually if it gets to be too hot for your comfort. The sizes offered are very customizable to ensure a clean and perfect fit. Overlap and inside fitting doors, mesh protection, finish colors, glass tints, and hearth position options available on select models. 

PLEASE NOTE: The heat output all depends on the quality and species of wood being burned.



How difficult is it to service the motor for the fireplace grate heater after the product has been installed?

  • The blower can be taken apart and serviced if needed after it's been installed without disassembling the entire setup.

Is the fan motor loud? My fireplace is in my living room, and I'm worried about the motor fan being too loud to hear my TV.

  • The fans on the grate heater motors are very quiet. Even at the mid setting for the fan speed, you can barely hear it. The fan speeds can be adjusted manually if you feel it's getting too loud for you.


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Fireplace Door Helpful Hints

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