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Fireplace Door Maintenance

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We have all of the maintenance supplies you need to make your new or replacement fireplace glass door perform at its very best!

Fiberglass Insulation for your fireplace doors

Fill the spaces between your door frame and the surrounding masonry with our fiberglass insulation, available in different widths, lengths, and colors.  We even have self-adhesive insulation for fireplace inserts to form a smoke-tight gasket between your door frame and facing material!

Click here to find the best fiberglass insulation for your fireplace door!

Fireplace door mounting hardware

To make sure that the installation of your new masonry fireplace glass door is quick and easy, be sure to check out our selection of fireplace door mounting hardware kits! Whether you are looking for mere end brackets, adjustable clamps for wider lintel irons, or a complete installation kit for your Stoll fireplace door, we have many options to suit your needs. You can also find riser and suspension bars here for added height and support for your fireplace door. We even carry steel mortar frames in arch and rectangle shapes, both standard and custom made, to make masonry fireplace construction effortless!

Click here to choose the right mounting hardware kit for your fireplace door!

Fireplace door riser bars

If the height measurements of your fireplace door are too short for your firebox opening, a riser bar offers that little extra 'boost' required to make sure your doors fit securely in place! A riser bar is a steel extension piece that mounts between your hearth and the fireplace glass doors above. It gives you the additional height you need to "fill" the opening in your fireplace. Custom finishes are available to match your existing Hearth Craft Sentry fireplace doors.

Click here to view our fireplace door riser bar for Hearth Craft Sentry Fireplace Doors!

Fireplace door suspension bar

For overlap fit doors on raised fireplaces without a hearth, or fireboxes situated 2 inches higher than the hearth, a suspension bar is needed for extra support. This heavy duty steel accessory does two things: it stabilizes an inside fit fireplace glass door, and it also allows the door frame to overlap all 4 sides of your firebox opening.

Click here to learn more about the heavy duty 18 gauge steel suspension bar that we offer (mounting hardware included)!

Fireplace grate heaters

Improve fuel economy, as well as the efficiency of your wood burning fireplace! Designed specifically for masonry fireplaces or prefab units that are big enough to accommodate a heater within the firebox. You'll be amazed at the improved heat distribution that this little product delivers! A thermostatic control allows this plug-in heat exchanger to pull in cool air from the room, warm it up, and then recirculate heated air throughout your living space.

Click here and discover how you can get 15% to over 500% more efficiency with any of our fireplace grate heaters!

Get a brand new log grate for your wood burning fireplace!

Our log grates for wood burning fireplaces are made from heavy duty steel or cast iron for long lasting performance! Keep your fire logs elevated above the firebox floor and get better air circulation for a hotter and more efficient burn. We have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from for your masonry or zero clearance fireplace!

Click here to find the perfect log grate for your wood burning fireplace!

Add a layer of protection to your wood burning fireplace with a mesh safety screen!

Keep hot embers and sparks at bay with a new or replacement mesh protection screen! Whether you are looking for a standard, recessed, corner, or custom size - we have plenty of options for you to choose from. For those open masonry fireplaces that do not have a door, we also have decorative standing and folding screens to accent your home decor!

Click here to view our wide variety of fireplace mesh curtains in our hearth accessories category!

Cleaning Products for your stove, fireplace door & hearth!

We specialize in fireplace doors, so it only makes sense that we carry the best fireplace door cleaning products! Keep your heating appliance looking brand new, whether you want to make the glass on your wood stove door sparkle or metal finish on your fireplace hood shine! We even have brick and mortar cleaner, as well as stove polish for your wood, pellet, or coal stove!

Click here to stock up on cleaning supplies for your stove, hearth, and fireplace doors!

Ceramic replacement glass for heat stoves

If the window on your heat stove door broke like the one in the picture above, you need ceramic replacement glass! Designed for gasketed heating appliances that produce temperatures between 500° and 1400°F, this shatter resistant material is a combination of tough tempered glass and super strong ceramic! We can custom cut this amber-tinted replacement glass to your specifications and have it ready to ship in 5 days!

Click here for heat stove window replacement ceramic glass at our sister site, Fast Replacement Glass!

Tempered replacement glass for fireplaces

If your fireplace door glass shattered like the picture above, you need a tempered glass replacement window! Factory built, zero clearance, and masonry fireplaces use this type of safety glass. It has a thermal shock rating of 400°F and can be custom cut to your specifications. This replacement glass comes in clear, grey, or bronze tints and takes about 10 days to temper and prepare for shipment!

Click here for fireplace door replacement tempered glass at our sister site, Fast Replacement Glass!

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