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Why Are Fireplace Doors Necessary?

Why Are Fireplace Doors Necessary?

Fireplace glass doors are beautiful enhancements for your hearth and the room in which it resides. They are an elegant and charming way to improve the look of your living space, and a high-quality door is built to last for generations of enjoyment. 

However, there are other more important reasons for installing fireplace doors for your heating application. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the hearth area, fireplace doors also play an important role in safety and efficiency. 


They keep your loved ones safe!

It goes without saying that the flames from a roaring fire are intriguing to look at, and on particularly cold days, you can't help but cozy on up to the hearth. This sounds wonderful and alluring, but stop and think for one moment about the curious little creatures and small, children in your home. The inviting warmth and ambiance of the flames in an open fireplace can be a little too enticing for them, and the last thing you want is an injury. 

Now, fireplace doors should always be kept open while the fire is burning at a full blaze, because the fire may overheat the door frame and glass. This can damage and discolor the door finish and risk the glass shattering. 

  • The only time the fireplace doors can be closed with the fire is if it's a masonry fireplace, with ceramic glass doors, and the fire has died down to a smaller size. Then the doors should be closed slowly to allow the glass to get used to the temperature change.

For an added safety measure: keep little ones away from the hot fire while the doors are open by placing a decorative fireplace screen in front of the doors. There are several protective folding varieties available that will add even more beauty and character to your already attractive hearth!

They are more reliable than mesh screens!

While hanging mesh fireplace screens do provide a small measure of safety, they are not as secure as a fireplace door. Glass barriers significantly reduce the risk of damage by keeping sparks and embers within the fireplace! Without them, the likelihood of hot cinders flying around and damaging carpet and furnishing, or logs rolling out and causing harm is a lot higher. Adding a door to your fireplace is a secure and inexpensive way to keep dangerous hazards contained, and your home and loved ones safe!

  • Again, fireplace doors should only be closed on a fire when the blaze is low to keep from damaging the doors and glass from high heat. You should be in the room, supervising your fire when the doors are open and it's a full blaze.
They keep dangerous downdrafts from entering your living space!

Installing glass doors for your fireplace has been proven to reduce downdrafts from the chimney. The aggressive air paths from winter storms pull dangerous smoke into your home and can cause a multitude of problems. In the event of a downdraft, it is also possible that embers will escape the hearth and cause damage, or even worse, a fire. Closing your glass doors when the fire dies down eliminates the hazards that accompany downdrafts.


Fireplace doors are actually more efficient than chimney dampers!

Dampers are metal plates that regulate airflow in your chimney. Newly installed units fit like a glove, but after a year or two, they tend to warp and allow extra air to pass into the chimney. Instead of relying solely on the damper, you could simply add fireplace doors and greatly reduce the cost of your home’s heating and cooling bills. Prevent warm air from escaping your home during the winter, and keep cool air inside during the summer.

Whether you need a replacement door for your masonry, zero clearance, or corner fireplace - we have a long list of gorgeous varieties available for you!


Last updated on September 4th 2019.

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