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Measuring A Zero Clearance Fireplace

How to Measure for Factory Built (Prefab) Fireplace Doors

How do you tell you have a factory-built fireplace? To make sure check off the following points. If any of them can be answered with yes, then your future fireplace door will have to be made for a factory built fireplace!

  1. Louvers (Grills) on Top or Bottom?
  2. Black Steel (Metal) shown?
  3. Steel Chimney Pipe?
  4. No Ash Damp in the Middle of the Firebox?
  5. Manufactures Name?
  6. Model Number?

Where to Measure on my Factory-Built Fireplace to get the Right Size Door:

Measure the width and height of the steel opening where the enclosure will fit. This will be the same position that the fireplace manufacturer's enclosures would be installed.

Measure Width and Height of your Prefab Fireplace

DO NOT measure the finish material in front of the fireplace: brick stone, marble, slate, tile, etc. You might need to remove your existing track, so measure accordingly. It is very important, however, not to modify or remove any other components of the fireplace.

More Examples:
(Click on the Images to get a Closer Look)



Need more help? Take a look at this visual guide on measuring your Factory Built Fireplace!

Last updated on November 29th 2019.

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