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Prefab Fireplace Door FAQs

Prefabricated Fireplace Door FAQs

Here you will find some of our frequently asked questions on prefabricated fireplace doors.

Shop All Prefab Fireplace Doors

Shop All Prefabricated Fireplace Doors

Browse our line of prefabricated fireplace doors.

FDO Door Guide - Prefab LC

FDO Door Guide

You'll enjoy this interactive flipbook guide to our fireplace doors.

Learn how to measure your zero clearance fireplace opening for your fireplace door

Measuring Your Zero Clearance Fireplace

Let us assist you with measuring your zero clearance fireplace for your new door in this helpful video.

Refacing a prefab fireplace

Reface Your Prefab Fireplace In A Snap!

Cover those unsightly louvers in a safe and coded way with a fireplace refacing at Fireplace Doors Online.

What Type of Fireplace Do You Have Video

What Type of Fireplace Do You Have?

We'll help you figure out if you have a prefabricated or masonry fireplace.

Painting A Fireplace Door or Heat Stove

Painting A Fireplace Door or Heat Stove

We'll direct you to the products you need and the step-by-step process of touching up scratches and dings on your fireplace door.

Replacing Fireplace Door Gasket

Replacing A Fireplace Door Gasket

When the gasket on your fireplace door wears out, let up help you replace it with these step-by-step instructions.

How to replace your fireplace door glass

Replacing Fireplace Door Glass

In this video, we show how to replace the glass in a set of bi-fold doors. Written instructions also included.

Fitting A Replacement Door Into Your Existing Fireplace

Fitting A Glass Replacement Door Into Your Existing Fireplace

Which door fit is better suited for your fireplace? Overlap, inside fit, or cutback? 

The Best Way To Clean Fireplace Glass

The Best Way to Clean Fireplace Glass

Remove soot and other forms of residue build up with our line of fireplace cleaning products. A written, step-by-step guide is also provided.

Why Fireplace Doors Are Necessary

Why Fireplace Doors Are Necessary

It's all about safety and efficiency, for both wood burning and gas fireplaces.

Why Do Zero Clearance Doors Have Gaps

Why Does My Zero Clearance Door Have Gaps?

Also, why you can't use wood, silicone, gaskets, or burn a prefab fireplace with the doors closed.

View our helpful video on telling the differences between the 3 types of fireplace doors

Types of Fireplace Doors

Learn about the differences in the 3 various fireplace door styles available on our website: cabinet, trackless bi-fold, and tracked bi-fold doors. 











Last updated on August 27th 2018.

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