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Masonry Fireplace Door FAQs

Masonry Fireplace Doors FAQs

There's a lot to think about when looking to purchase a masonry fireplace doors. We've collected our most commonly asked questions (and answers) to help with your decision making process.

Shop All Masonry Fireplace Doors

Shop All Masonry Fireplace Doors

Keep the heat in and the drafty, cold wind out with a fireplace door for your masonry fireplace.

FDO Door Guide

FDO Door Guide

This interactive flipbook covers just about everything you need to know about your fireplace door.

Learn how to measure your arched fireplace opening for your fireplace door

How To Measure An Arched Opening For A Fireplace Door

It's a very tricky process getting the measurements just right for masonry arched fireplace doors. Let us assist you with this process in this helpful, instructional video.

Video on measuring your masonry fireplace for a fireplace door

Measuring For Your Masonry Fireplace Door

DIY tutorial on how to measure your masonry fireplace to ensure the perfect fit for your new fireplace door.

Why Hearth Position Matters

Hearth Position Is Important for Masonry Fireplace Doors

It's very important to know what your hearth position is before making a decision on what masonry fireplace door to get. Let us shed some light on why.

How To Install An Aluminum Door In A Masonry Fireplace

How to Install an Aluminum Door on a Masonry Fireplace

Follow along with our expert team of Fireplace Doors Online as we show you how to install your new, aluminum door in a masonry fireplace.

How to Install A Steel Fireplace Door in a Masonry Fireplace

How to Install a Steel Door on a Masonry Fireplace

In this helpful, video guide, our team shows how to safely and correctly install a steel door in a masonry fireplace.

What Type of Fireplace Do You Have Video

What Type of Fireplace Do You Have?

Because many prefabricated fireplaces also use stonework, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a masonry and a prefab fireplace. And this matters greatly when shopping for a fireplace door. Here's how to tell them apart.

Painting A Fireplace Door or Heat Stove

Painting A Fireplace Door or Heat Stove

Looking to touch up the dings and scratches on your fireplace door? Let us inform you on the step-by-step process and direct you to the needed products.

Replacing Fireplace Door Gasket

Replacing A Fireplace Door Gasket

Step-by-step instructions for replacing the gasket for your fireplace door.

How to replace your fireplace door glass

Replacing Fireplace Door Glass

An instructional video example on bi-fold doors and written guide on replacing glass for your fireplace door.

Fitting A Glass Replacement Door Into Your Existing Fireplace

Fitting A Glass Replacement Door Into Your Existing Fireplace

We'll show exactly how overlap and inside fit fireplace doors fit in masonry and prefabricated fireplaces. 

The Best Way To Clean Fireplace Glass

The Best Way to Clean Fireplace Glass

Remove creosote and other forms of residue quickly and effectively with our line of recommended cleaning products and a simple guide on how to get the job done.

Why Fireplace Doors Are Necessary

Why Fireplace Doors Are Necessary

It's all about safety and efficiency.

Our blog that spreads some light on the 3 different fireplace door styles

Types of Fireplace Doors

Out of the multiple options available to customize your new fireplace door, the “door type” is one of them. But what do they look like and how are they different? #SeleseKnows





Last updated on July 19th 2018.

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