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Fireplace Door Designer - Now Absolutely Free!

See how your fireplace door will look on your fireplace before you buy it!

 Aug 24, 2016  Latest News

Fireplace Door Designer

We have a large selection of premium fireplace doors

Very recently, we’ve rolled out a new feature for our favorite people (you, you’re our favorite people) that’ll help you in selecting the perfect fireplace door for your home! You might be asking yourself what is this Virtual Fireplace Door Designer and how can it help me in finding the perfect fireplace door? While we explain how to use it step by step, it may be difficult to see how an online fireplace door designer can help you.

Here are some benefits of using our new fireplace door designer!

You can get a better visual of our large variety of doors.

Find a surround that resembles your home fireplace.

We’re the fireplace door specialists and we have hundreds of fireplace doors for you to pick from. Stopping what you’re doing, conjuring up a mental image of your fireplace and then magically putting the fireplace door you’re looking at on it may not be your idea of getting a realistic image of what you’re fireplace would look like.

The virtual designer helps by letting you select hearths and fireboxes that closely match your own and then letting you try on different fireplace doors. It’s like a department store changing room for your fireplace! The customizations don’t end there.

Choose a finish for your fireplace door

You can also change the finish of the fireplace door you’ve selected. This gives you a better visualization of what a fireplace door will look like on your fireplace. Our fireplace doors are custom made to your specifications, so we can’t accept returns if you just don’t like it. But, by using our fireplace door designer you can get an idea of what a finish will look like against your hearth.

See how your fireplace looks with fire in it!

You can see what it looks like with a fire!

A fire changes everything. When it comes to your fireplace, it’s good to be able to see what a beautiful, roaring fireplace will look like with a fire in it. We think that you deserve the best in everything and, while we can’t hand deliver fresh wood to your fireplace, we can show you what one of our beautiful fireplace doors will look like when you’ve got a fire going behind it. Save both images with and without the fire option so that you can refer back to it later and see what your fireplace will look like.

Download a photo of your finished fireplace door using our fireplace door designer.Why do we provide this service?

Over and over again on our site we talk about how much you mean to us. This isn’t a tactic, we really do care. When you reflect on your shopping experience with us we want it to be a good one. We want you to remember that we did everything we could to make sure you were happy with your order, and our fireplace door designer is part of that. Not everyone has time to talk to the experts about what looks best with their fireplace. We don’t think you should be missing out just because you have a busy schedule so, we made the virtual fireplace door designer. It’s just our way of making sure that you get what you want from us.

If you still aren’t sure when you’re done with our virtual fireplace door designer, try a real one! Our real fireplace door designers are on hand to give you a free consultation on what you need for your fireplace. You’re the top priority for us, from our U.S. made materials all the way to the finishing touches of one of our gorgeous doors!

Last updated on August 24th 2016.


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