Fireplace Door Accessories

Fireplace Doors Accessories

Find all the accessories you'll need to accomplish an easy fireplace door installation! Here you'll find fiberglass fireplace insert insulation, as well as mounting hardware, and riser and suspension bars to achieve an exact fit for your fireplace door. We even have mortar frames and lintel irons for installing a new door in your existing masonry fireplace! Let us equip you with the necessary components to make your weekend DIY project even easier than you expected! e


Can I install a fireplace door without riser or lintel bars?

  • Unless adding a fireplace door is going to weaken the structural integrity of your masonry fireplace, you do not need a lintel bar to install a fireplace door. In the event that the addition of a lintel bar is needed, we highly recommend contacting a professional mason to complete this installation for you.

  • If the door you have obtained is not quite tall enough to fill the fireplace opening, a riser bar may be needed to fill that gap. (Certain fireplace door models actually require a riser bar to function properly.) 

  • If you're unsure about either of these components and whether or not you'll need them with your replacement door, please give our experts a call.