Fireplace Decor

Our Fireplace Decor is ideal for accessorizing your fireplace space. Some of our fireplace decor serves a functional purpose, like wood fireplace bellows that deliver a blast of air to rekindle the flames, or the newspaper log roller for making your own fire starters. We also have other decor to dress up your hearth, mantel, and surrounding fireplace area. Our charming Hearth Crickets make great house warming gifts as they symbolize good luck.


Are the bellows just for decoration or are they functional?

  • All of our bellows are fully functional and can be used to help start a fire or rekindle on that is dying.

Is the accordion part of the bellows made of vinyl or leather?

  • It's made of leather.

Do people really use newspaper log rollers? Why can't I just roll the newspaper on my own?

  • Yes, we have many customers that use this product to repurpose old newspapers! It may seem like a no-brainer to roll the newspaper yourself. However, this handy tool actually trundles the paper into a tighter, more compact paper "log" that, when burned, emits a higher energy heat output than wood! Plus, the tighter you can roll the paper, the longer the "logs" will burn!
  • The convenient, easy-turn crank is also ideal for people who may not have the strength or dexterity in their hands to roll newspapers into tight logs.