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Fire Table And Furniture Collections

Amherst Fire Table and Tioga Chairs
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Fairbanks Fire Table and Chairs
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Upgrade your outdoor entertainment area with a fire table and furniture collection set. Get the best of outdoor dining with our fire table and chair sets. Or if you're interested in more of a social gathering spot or a place to relax, our fire table and couch sets are ideal. We even have a couple fire bar options.

Each fire table includes a natural gas conversion kit, firebeads or lava rock (depending on the product), a vinyl weather cover, and a burner cover. There's optional fire glass available in 6 stunning colors. For when dining at the table when it's not lit, we also have an optional Lazy Susan Burner Cover as a mealtime upgrade. Ignitions are battery operated and pilot lights have safety and adjustable flame control. BTUs are 40,000 for every fire table. All chairs and couches include the cushions shown. Some assembly is required.




How long does it take to ship these furniture sets?

  • Shipping is typically 1-2 weeks, depending on the order volume.

What all comes with each set?

  • This differs between products, so check the specs to view the specific details.