Fire Starters

It can sometimes be difficult to get a woodfire burning, but Fireplace Doors Online has solved this conundrum for you with our collection of fire starters!

Gas log lighters can ignite a toasty blaze in no time - even if the power is out! With a simple connection to a professionally installed fuel line (natural gas or propane) and the turn of a valve key, gas is delivered into the pipe. Using a long-stemmed lighter, you can ignite the fuel as it escapes from the precision-drilled port holes and have your wood kindled in seconds! We have a great selection of stainless steel and cast iron gas log lighters, designed by top manufacturers in the fireplace industry, such as Dante and Blue Flame.

Browse through our selection of hearth accents, including scented or colored pine cone fire starters. They not only look great displayed in a decorative basket on your hearth, but they create a unique fireside experience that will bring delight and whimsy to your fireplace! Simply add a color changing cone to your fire and within a short time, you'll be able to enjoy a theatrical display of beautifully hued flames!

All of our fire starters make terrific seasonal or unique house warming gifts! Please give us a call at 1-877-373-6677 for more details!

Gas log lighters are not meant to be used as a decorative gas appliance. It is simply intended to ignite fireplace logs and should be shut off once your wood is burning.