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Rectangular, Square, and Round Fire Pit Screens  Dome shaped round fire pit covers  Snuffer fire pit lids - octagon, round, square, and folding  Waterproof vinyl and polyester fire pit covers - round, square, rectangular


Fire Pit Spark Screens & Fire Pit Covers

Round Vinyl Black Fire Pit Cover 80 Inch
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24 Inch Round Fire Pit Screen
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26 Inch Round Pivoting Fire Pit Screen
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22 Inch Round Pivoting Fire Pit Screen
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30 Inch Round Pivoting Fire Pit Screen
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32 Inch Round Pivoting Fire Pit Screen
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36 Inch Round Fire Pit Screen
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Outfit your fire feature in safety! Never worry about escaping sparks and embers with a fire pit spark screen. These metal mesh barriers can be used with both wood burning and gas powered fire pits. For circular features, we offer both shallow and tall screens for various depths. For oblong features, we offer both rectangular and square fire pit spark screens.

Looking for an easy way to snuff out the fire at the end of the night? We offer a variety of square, round, and octagon sizes, as well as dome shaped covers, to put the fire out quickly and prevent debris from infiltrating your fire pit when not in use. As an added bonus, you can use these snuffer lids to keep unburned fire wood dry until your next outdoor gathering around the fire pit.

Protect your outdoor fire feature in the 'off-season' with a waterproof and UV resistant fire pit cover. These heavy duty vinyl covers are extremely durable and waterproof. Choose from an elastic or drawstring closure. We offer rectangle, square or round fire pit covers in a variety of sizes. Are you looking for a fire pit table cover? We have those too! Our fire pit covers are quite flexible, so it's best to opt for an "oversized" cover. For example, if your fire pit is almost 45 inches wide, choose the 35 to 53 inch size instead of the 30 to 45 inch size. This will make taking the cover off much easier and avoid the risk of damage! 


  • Make sure your fire pit is completely cooled off before you put the cover on. If not, you will run the risk of melting your new vinyl cover to the fire pit or table!
  • Never remove a fire pit screen without heat rated or fire retardant gloves! Click here to view our collection!


Do I need a spark screen for my gas fire pit?

  • A screen for your gas fire pit is not absolutely necessary, but we would still recommend having one. While gas fires don't spark and produce ash, they are still prone to outdoor debris like bugs and leaves falling into the burner. And if you have children or pets, a screen is a good safety feature to have to protect their curious fingers and paws from the flames. 

What does it mean by the covers are UV resistant?

  • UV resistant material will not fade or discolor when exposed to the sun or UV light for extended periods of time, day after day. 

Why do I need a cover for my outdoor fire feature?

  •  A high quality, heavy duty cover will protect your fire pit from damage caused by precipitation and wind-blown debris, expanding it's life. Fire pits can potentially damaged by ice, rain, hail sun, wind, snow, dirt/ sand, and incests. Our PVC-lined fabric covers can withstand sub-zero temperatures.