Fire Pit Burner Pans

Fire pit burner pans help to increase better air flow in fire features through additional ventilation as well as supporting the burner and separating the air mixer from the fire in liquid propane applications. If you're looking to save money on fire media like lava rock and fire glass, fire pit drop in pans also act as a false bottom. This means they can be set higher within the fire pit and reduce the amount of fire media needed to fill it up. The aluminum fire pit pans are perfect for outdoor settings with their long-lasting, durable material and weep holes. Available in round and square fire pit pans from 18 inches up to 60 inches in diameter.


What are weep holes?

  • Weep holes are precision cut lines and/or holes that help with water drainage in the burner to help keep the burner protected from water damage. But, as always, we recommend getting a waterproof cover for your fire pit to keep it dry when not in use. 




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