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Fire Pit Screens | Fire Pit Gartes

Fire Pit Accessories

Getting everything you need for your fire pit can be a long grueling process. We are here to make this simple for you! We offer everything and anything you will need to update or install your fire pit! 

Fire Pit Screens

Outfit your fire feature in safety! Never worry about escaping sparks and embers with a fire pit spark screen. These metal mesh barriers can be used with both wood-burning and gas burning fire pits. For circular features, we offer both shallow and tall screens for various depths. For oblong features, we offer both rectangular and square fire pit spark screens.

Fire Pit Covers

Extend the life of your outdoor fire pit or fire table with a waterproof, UV resistant cover. They will keep fire pits looking new and perfect for use in mild to severe weather conditions.Enjoy free shipping on your order!

Fire Pit Snuffers

The fire pit cover/snuffers are a good way to keep your fire pit free of mother nature and kids and animals when not in use. Additionally, the cover/snuffer also snuffs out a fire when you are ready to leave the area. There are many sizes, styles, shapes, and colors to choose from enabling you to get the right one for your fire pit. The right cover/snuffer/lid will extend the life of your fire pit.

Fire Pit Grates

Our sturdy painted stainless steel and carbon steel fire pit grates won't let you down, improving the airflow of your outdoor fire for a hotter blaze and cradling the logs off the potentially wet ground. There are also grates for grilling over your wood-burning fire pit to get that savory, wood-smoked flavor in your favorite dishes. The high heat and weather-resistant paint have been electrostatically applied. We advise the proper storage and maintenance of this grate when not in use. Lifetime warranty on most models! 

Ignition Systems

Our fire pit ignition systems are premier in the industry for your outdoor fire feature! These Do-It-Yourself fire pit ignition kits provide you with everything you need to quickly and easily light your fire. We carry push-button ignition systems, all-weather electronic ignition systems (AWEIS), and traditional match light ignitions-- all in a variety of burning capacities to fit many different sizes of fire pits and burners. Our products have been tested for quality, durability, and reliability, so you can rest assured that when you select one of our ignition systems, you will receive the quickest starts, biggest flames, and safest features!

Installation Accessories

From Flex pipes to timers and connection kits all is offered with free shipping, we carry everything you need to set up your new outdoor gas appliance.