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Ignition Systems

Our fire pit ignition systems are premier in the industry for your outdoor fire feature! These Do-It-Yourself fire pit ignition kits provide you with everything you need to quickly and easily light your fire. We carry push-button ignition systems, all-weather electronic ignition systems (AWEIS), and traditional match light ignitions-- all in a variety of burning capacities to fit many different sizes of fire pits and burners. Our products have been tested for quality, durability, and reliability, so you can rest assured that when you select one of our ignition systems, you will receive the quickest starts, biggest flames, and safest features!

Choose from our selection of outdoor-rated systems. Simply light with a match or lighter with match light ignition systems. Spark ignition systems light your fire with the push-button igniter. Enjoy your fire worry-free as flame-sensing technology monitors your safety for both of these systems. Or start your fire with a remote control or wall switch with an all-weather electronic ignition system. Available in various capacities and sizes to fit your fire feature. 


How do I light an AWEIS?

  • Our All-Weather Electronic Ignition System is available in standard and mini sizes and makes lighting your fire feature fast and easy. They can even be lit in the rain! A quick, easy, and safe way to start your fire feature with the option of wireless remote control for the ignition. 

What does "swimming pool certified" mean?

  • In accordance with Section 680.22 (B) (&) of the NEC 2017 code, the following requirements must be met in order to installed automated fire features WITHIN 5 feet of the edge of a swimming pool:
    • Automated fire features must be supplied by a transformer or power supply that is LISTED, LABELED, and IDENTIFIED for use in swimming pool and spa installation.
    • The power supply must NOT exceed EITHER 15 Volt AC or 30 Volt DS.
    • The metal components within the fire feature as well as the power supply must be bonded to the pool's steel frame using a #8 copper wire.
  • Our new commercial-grade swimming pool certified AWEIS products meet the above requirements. They are also equipped with dual pilot gas technology which prolongs the life of the igniter and lasts longer than the original model!
  • In addition, there are 2 versions of the 30 Volt DC power supply on our AWEIS systems: a 185 watt and a 320-watt driver. When connecting 3 or less automated fire features together, the 185 W version is sufficient. When connecting 4 or 5, we highly recommend the 320 W version. Please tell us how many devices you plan on connecting (existing or new) so that we can send you the correct power source. See our swimming pool certified products for more details!