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Hi, I received and installed the fireplace doors and couldn’t be any more satisfied with the quality. Thank you!

I really appreciate Dana’s professionalism with helping me get my order correct the first time. As soon as I can find those pictures that I took when it wasn’t 70 degrees outside, I will send them in!
Thanks again!

I completely customized my fireplace door to match my home. PERFECT!

Thank you for your excellent customer service. She walked me through step by step and now I have a fireplace door that is perfect! Thank you and your staff.

Thanks for the help – I had stalled for years in doing this without a local company – this on-line process worked very well – clear directions and followup to questions and good suggestions. Thanks!

To whom it may concern, thanks for the corner fireplace screen. I have installed it but haven’t actually used it yet, but it looks great and fit perfect.
Thanks again

Fits perfectly, wonderful addition to our home décor.

Even though I received a defective door due to manufacturing, the problem was handled quickly and very professionally and therefore I have a very positive feeling toward your company.

Just want to advise that I recently received the Stoll fireplace door that I ordered. Though not yet installed, it appears to have been well packaged for shipment and arrived in perfect condition. Initial inspection suggests that it was manufactured as specified. I thank you for an excellent job!

We purchase the high efficient blacksmith wood insert. We have been skeptical on an internet order without touching the product. I have to say it was worth it. I always stressed on how much wood I need in our large fireplace and how inefficient it was. Believe me when I say I only need a third of the wood I usually used and getting twice the heat. Well worth it.
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