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Faux Siding: A Unique Stone Look for Your Walls

Being creative doesn’t need to be that costly. Affordable home renovation products can do the trick in making your home unique. And what better way to renovate your home than with faux siding!

Whether you want to apply it to your home or any commercial property, the touch of stone will always look fascinating. To achieve this aesthetic renovation, there are many choices for the faux stone siding panels. This wall product looks like real stone but it is crafted from a distinct high-grade material.

What are the benefits of faux siding?

There are many options and advantages to faux siding that you may not know about. Let's dive into those! 


Compared to using natural stone, which is heavier, faux sidings are lighter due to the materials used to make them. They are also super easy and convenient to install since they are lightweight. 


The polyurethane composition of faux siding gives additional insulation value, which other stone siding does not have. This material is fire-resistant and will make it harder for the material to melt. 

Impact Resistant 

Faux stone siding is created from high-density polyurethane. They are heat resistant as well as impact resistant. The faux stone siding will not reflect damage as easily as some products. This makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Different Types of Faux Siding

For a more majestic appearance to your home, there are various choices of faux stone sidings that can elevate your home renovation techniques. Read on the following types and see what matches your renovation ideas at its finest!

Castle Rock

This faux stone pattern has large-cut faux stones that differ in orientation and shape. The long and narrow cuts are combined with squares and flash designs.

Ledge or Stacked

The numerous long and slender stones arranged horizontally to make the ledge stone creative. The edges do not have the same feature; that’s why it looks more natural as it imitates the stones efficiently.


Limestone has similar patterns like castle rocks. It looks like an authentic limestone that will make the stone feel and look real!

Why Choose Fireplace Doors Online?

Add the look of a stone wall to your home at a fraction of the cost with faux siding. Lightweight and easy to install, you won't question how awesome this product is. Incredibly realistic with rich textures and a large variety of colors, you'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Try it both indoors and outdoors.

Fireplace Doors Online helps you create a remarkable transformation to your home. Our affordable and durable faux stone siding can really give your home a unique twist. 



Is faux siding a real stone?

No. It is a material made from polyurethane, UV inhibitors, and fire retardants. It has a substance that can imitate the color, features, patterns, and textures of the usual stone designs.