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FAQ Vented Gas Logs

A vented gas log set let's you enjoy the fire without the mess.

Vented gas logs can be retrofit into any wood burning fireplace with a working flue. Before you switch over the a gas log set have a certified chimney sweep inspect the flue of any obstruction.

Fireplace Doors Online recommends ANSI certified gas logs sets due to the fact that they already have the correct valve setup at the factory.


  • Most realistic looking flames
  • Choice to arrange the logs anyway you want
  • Bigger ember bed for the appearance of burning coals
  • Flames can touch logs


  • You will loose the heat up the chimney
  • Not efficient
  • Logs can soot up quickly
  • Needs working flue
  • Needs installed damper clamp to keep flue open all the time
Last updated on August 7th 2019.

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