F Series Zero Clearance Steel Fireplace Grate

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F Series Zero Clearance Fireplace Grate

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This fireplace grate is ideal for for most factory built wood burning fireplaces. Comes with a lifetime warranty!

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For smaller, zero clearance fireplaces, sometimes depth can be an issue. We’re here to help! This fireplace grate is made with fireplaces like this in mind, where there isn’t a lot of room in your wood burning fireplace for the wood, grate and other important items that help make your fireplace the best it can be. The depth of this grate is just 14”, making it a great choice if you just don’t have a lot of room.  Just because it’s small doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help! The 3” clearance at the bottom of the fireplace grate will help keep your fire going strong by circulating air beneath the fire. 

You don’t have to worry about your fireplace grate breaking down. We made it, and we stand by our work. This zero clearance fireplace grate comes with a lifetime warranty so whether it’s a year from now or a decade, if it breaks let us know. When you buy from us we want to give back by making sure that you’re getting the best possible product. Shop with confidence and know that we wouldn’t make it available to you if we didn’t believe in it. 

Our products are made right here. You won’t find a stamp anywhere on our fireplace grate that says it was made overseas. We think that to be a good business we need to be a good employer, and that means we keep as much of our business right here that we can. When you call in with a question, the person you ask lives in the same town they work in and have been trained in fireplace grates, doors, accessories—you name it, they know about it. And if they don’t one of our experts can come to the phone. Shop with us, let us take care of you today!

Features and Benefits:

  • Has a narrow depth (14") - making it ideal for most wood burning zero clearance fireplaces.
  • Made of extra heavy 1.07" x 0.62" diamond steel stock - making a stronger and longer lasting fireplace grate.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty - taking the worries out of having to possibly replace it in a couple years.
  • Has a 3" clearance below - allowing you to use most log lighters.
  • Created using the highest caliber welding techniques.


Manufacturer's Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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Last updated on February 17th 2017.

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