Escutcheons-Valve Covers

Fireplace Doors Online has a selection of affordable escutcheon plates for you to choose from! Select the finish that best matches your valve key and décor. These fireplace gas valve covers are the metal plates and stems that safeguard the shut off valve located on the floor or wall nearest your gas appliance. Combined with a valve key, they allow you to easily turn your gas on and off. These decorative valve covers are as beautiful as they are functional, and each Dante escutcheon is a quality made product of the USA! Give our customer service professionals a call for more information at 1-877-373-6677!

Gas valves should never be installed within the firebox of your heat source! All valves must be situated outside the fire structure, and within 6 feet of the fireplace opening. We highly recommend having a certified gas professional complete this installation process for you.