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Easy Fireplace Makeover With our Virtual Fireplace Door Designer!

 Sep 12, 2016  Design Ideas

The time is now! It’s a good time to do a great many things, but if you’re looking to buy a new fireplace door, this really IS the best time to shop. Most people order a new fireplace door without taking into consideration that it takes us time to make it, that’s why we encourage our customers to order early!

Blacksmith door with Ancient Age finishIt can be hard to select the perfect fireplace door for your décor. Will it look right against my hearth? What kind of fireplace decorations should I have? Is everyone else going to be as in love with what I pick as I will?

We’ve come up with a design idea to help you out! Check out this design idea and see if you can imagine one of our beautiful masonry fireplace doors on your fireplace today!

Basket Weave toolset by Fireplace Doors Online

Fireplace doors often add a touch of elegance to your fireplace in addition to being a practical investment. If you’re interested in turning your square fireplace into an arched one but don’t want to spend a small fortune for a contractor, try our Blacksmith Arched Conversion Fireplace Door! We used our Virtual Fireplace Door Designer to make the image above and used our beautiful ancient age finish. This finish in particular goes great with a stone surround such as the one in the image. Stone has an elegant, aged look that even if your house is brand new somehow looks like it’s been there for years. Our arch conversion fireplace door has that look too, but with the durability to last a lifetime (we guarantee it)!

Why stop there? We’ve looked through our stock to see what catches our eye and found a toolset that’ll look great! While it doesn’t come with an ancient age finish, our 5 Piece Center Weave Basket Fireplace Toolset has an elegant flare that can’t be missed. It stands 31” tall so you’ll be able to reach the far corners of your firebox with ease. This makes a perfect fireplace accessory because of how useful (not to mention essential) it is to your fireplace maintenance, but it’s beautiful too and will resist showing soot and ash!

Like our original fireplace door, this toolset captures the look of age and elegance without compromising quality. Our products will last a lifetime, we even have the warranty to back it up!

Check out our other fireplace accessories and products today! Remember, we have rewards programs to help you save money now and later.

Last updated on September 12th 2016.


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