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Easy Fireplace Door Finder

Easy Fireplace Door Finder!

Easy fireplace door finder!Choosing a fireplace door for your home requires some planning. What type of fireplace do you have? What type of door do you need? What style are you looking for? What is your budget? Who will install the doors - you or a contractor?

Fireplace Doors Online will help guide you to your new replacement fireplace glass door for your masonry or prefab application in just 3 easy steps!

Click on the picture to the right to watch a quick tutorial!!! ---->

First step: choose your fireplace type

What type of fireplace do you have: masonry or prefab? This can be difficult for some people to determine. Remember - just because the exterior of your fireplace features stone, rock, brick or tile - this doesn't necessarily mean it is a masonry fireplace. The firebox and chimney are what determines masonry from prefab. If you are unsure of the type of fireplace you have, check out the pictures and information below for more help!

Looking for a quick custom quote on a fireplace door?

Click here for Fireplace Doors Online's custom snapshot quote for fireplace doors!


Quick Check:
  • Masonry fireplaceIs the exterior of your chimney brick or stone?
  • Was the fireplace built during the construction of your home?
  • Is your fireplace and chimney created from stone, rock, or brick?
  • Is the interior of your chimney lined with clay tiling?
  • Is your fireplace an integrated part of your home's structure?
  • If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you have a masonry fireplace!
  • Still unsure? CLICK HERE for more details!


Quick Check:
  • Prefab fireplaceIs the exterior of your chimney faced with the same siding material as your home?
  • Does your chimney have/require a steel pipe?
  • Was the fireplace added to your home after construction?
  • Is your firebox manufactured from metal, or is there any metal around the fireplace itself?
  • If you answered yes to most of these questions, you have a prefab fireplace!
  • Still unsure? CLICK HERE for more details!

Second step: measure your fireplace

How to measure for fireplace doorsClick on the picture to the right and learn how to measure for fireplace doors. This is a very important step in selecting the correct size prefab or masonry fireplace door. Don't let the word "measure" scare you away! We have some great fireplace measurement guides in our HOW TO video library If you need help. If you have never done this before, we even have a tutorial that tells you how to read a measuring tape.

How to measure for fireplace doors

We've put together collection of some of our best glass door enclosures, from the most affordable entry level customer favorites to our more lavish, high end splurges! Click on one of the pictures below (according to your fireplace type) to pick out the
fireplace door of your dreams!




Third step: pick your fireplace doorMasonry fireplace doors                                Prefab fireplace doors
Last updated on February 13th 2020.

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