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Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Natural gas and propane have proven to be leaders in efficient fuel sources for heating our homes. We offer a variety of energy saving direct vent gas fireplaces in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Our direct vent models do not use any room air for combustion, which makes them a great addition to any room.

If you're wondering how direct vent fireplaces work, it's quite really quite simple! This cost effective and versatile fireplace configuration does not need a chimney, making it a great alternative to a gas insert unit. It can be placed in virtually any room of your home, allowing you the freedom of creativity when choosing its location!  These factory built fireplaces can be vented directly through a wall to the exterior of your home with the use of a rigid or flexible venting pipe. This is called a "co-axial" system. If you have an existing wood burning fireplace, the venting pipe is directed through the chimney as a "co-linear" system. In either case, a direct vent fireplace operates by drawing outside fresh air into the firebox where it is circulated, heated, and then released into your living space with the help of a blower fan. Although direct vent fireplaces can be operated when the power is out, keep in mind that the blower and other accessories will need electricity to operate. However, certain models run on a self generating millivolt system or batteries.

If you're searching for a centerpiece for the mid-century home you're restoring, look no further than the our Malm models! These free standing gas fireplaces are vented and come with damper pipe, but they may require some customization and additional material if your ceiling height is greater than 8 feet. Please be aware that free standing gas fireplaces cannot be installed in mobile homes due to ceiling height. Standard mobile home ceilings are 7 feet tall. Our free standing units need a minimum 8 feet of clearance.

Whether you are searching for something tall or short, new age or retro, we have quite an assortment for you to browse through! Fireplace Doors Online also offers see-thru, corner, and multi-view gas fireplaces. Choose from more traditional styled fireboxes to sleek and modern!