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Decorative Fireplace Doors

Want to add style to your fireplace? Our decorative fireplace doors are perfect if you want the beauty of a window pane or etchings that add beautiful character to your fireplace when it isn’t in use. The ornamental design of these masonry fireplace doors go a long way to make your fireplace a part of your home décor even when it isn’t in use. After all, you have to live there, it should be beautiful all the time—not just when a roaring fire is helping you keep warm and relaxed!

The masonry fireplace doors we make and carry are the best in the business. Made here in the U.S.A., they are built to last for years and not break after just a few years of enjoyment. With partners like Design Specialties and Custom Metal Company devoted to quality the same way we are, you can rest easy knowing that your new fireplace door is well worth the investment. Plus, there’s free continental shipping in the U.S.A.! Free is hard to beat.