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Keeping your fireplace mesh curtains in good shape is an important part of fireplace maintenance. Mesh protection is the best defense against fly away sparks and embers. Because not every wood burning fireplace or firebox comes with pre-installed spark curtains, we can provide you with custom made mesh to keep your home and loved ones safe!

Start by measuring and marking down the height and width of your fireplace opening according to the diagrams below (click to enlarge). Calculating the correct height is very important. Measure straight up and down from the bottom of the firebox to the curtain rod. For fireboxes that do not have a curtain rod, measure the overall height of the firebox and we'll make the necessary deduction for the curtain rod clearance.

Measuring for replacement mesh with a curtain rod installed in firebox.  Measuring for replacement mesh when there is no curtain rod installed in firebox.

Let us know if you want a single sliding curtain, or double panels of equal size. Choose the weave thickness and mesh color, as well as the desired pull ring finish. If you’re installing your fireplace mesh curtains for the first time, please select the mounting system you prefer. 

Mounting System Options (click to enlarge):

1 piece bypass overlap rod

Close of up bypass rod

3 piece straight mount bypass rod

3 piece angled mount bypass rod

I-beam track for large mesh screens

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