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Custom Shapes and Custom Design Doors

Out of the nearly 8 billion people alive in the world today, you are unique. So is your fireplace! We love that about you and your home and we want to help provide an amazing fireplace door for your one-of-a-kind fireplace—or wine cabinet, pizza oven, or basically any kind of glass door!

Custom shapes and designs with fireplaces require special attention and for many customers, it’s simply easier to get a fireplace screen. That’s fine, but it’s not always safe—roughhousing kids can knock it down and it can be bulky and oversized. Or, it simply doesn’t do the job. Take a look at some of the custom jobs we can do!

Custom Shapes…..

Though the standard fireplace has a flat front, that isn’t by any means the only way you can enjoy a fire! Curved fireplaces like the ones below are a great addition to a home, but especially a commercial space where customers can be wow-ed by something unique.

How would your home look with a stunning modern gas half-moon gas fireplace, or maybe a wood-burning one?

Half moon gas fireplace
This fireplace is unique for two reasons: the shape, and also this gas fireplace has a mirror backing and fireplace glass so that when it’s going, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork in the home.
Half moon gas fireplace
This one is a gas fireplace as well, but the realistic gas logs in the firebox make it look more traditional than the other ultra-modern custom fireplace.

And Unusual Ones Too.

Not all openings are the standard rectangular or arch, either! Some fireplaces are unique and designed to stand out with a shape that fits with the rest of the home architecture. Take, for example, a triangular one! This triangle fireplace has special needs as the doors need to be specially designed for it.

We create doors for more than fireplaces too! Wrought iron and other durable metals are popular for decorative and security gates for homes and businesses alike. If you want something designed to withstand the test of time (and perhaps burglars) then let us know! We can help with that.

Unique, triangular fireplace door
Unique doors like this one are common in homes that are modern takes on traditional designs, such as Spanish revival styles with homes. Both indoor fireplaces and outdoor ones feature this beautiful, unique design! In both cases, fireplace doors are a good idea to protect the firebox from damage.
iron outdoor gate
We make more than just fireplace doors! Having a high-quality gate is important to home safety, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be plain or unattractive. A design like this one is a great option to create a nice look that’ll withstand anything nature—or man—throws at it.

We do Custom Intricate Work Too!

We have a huge selection of beautiful fireplace doors, but not everyone wants something that just anyone can get. If you want your fireplace door—or any other door in your home—to be 100% unique then that’s something we can absolutely help with. Regardless if you want an ultra-modern fireplace door that flows or if you want your very favorite animal to adorn your wine rack, we can help with that!

custom fireplace door with animal shape
This customer wanted a fireplace door that featured wildlife around their home. We obliged with this awesome, one-of-a-kind fireplace door! In regions with a lot of wildlife, especially like our own backyard, it’s nice to incorporate it in some way into the décor of the home.
custom made cabinet fireplace doors
These homeowners wanted a fireplace door that would fit in with their home perfectly and while we have many nice masonry fireplace doors, they really wanted something unique, something different—something like this!
modern fireplace door
This ultra-modern fireplace door is very stylish, and it’s also a beautiful design! With clean lines, it really goes well with modern and contemporary home décor, but the flow of the design also lends to a more natural look—it’s the best of both worlds!
custom made arched fireplace door
We have doors made for arched fireplaces like this one, but sometimes customers want a design that’s all their own! With elegant, detailed scrollwork and high-quality materials, this arched fireplace door is unique and will last for years!

The color choices are endless and we can match it to the decor of your home!

Color Choices

A lot of places have many choices when it comes to fireplace doors, but not all of those choices are ideal for everyone. And, sometimes you want a high-quality door for something else, but with the durability and quality of a fireplace door that’s designed to last. Regardless of what you want, we’re here to help!

Like what you saw? Then send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 888.986.1535 to see what we can do to help!