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Safety Mesh & Security Gates

Safety Mesh Display

Looking for a safety mesh system or security gate that's easy to install? You've come to the right place. The security gates have exceptional material strength and are connected to robust track systems for easy movement. These systems are also fireproof and lightweight.

Protect and secure the perimeter, as well as employees or patrons with our security wire mesh panels! For homes and commercial businesses alike, these unique barriers can be used for security cage panels or privacy wire mesh window guards. Bars and locks can be added to the mesh for added security. This metal coil drapery is ideal for a variety of applications, and we can custom make them to your weave thickness and size preferences. Durable and strong, these wire mesh security panels for windows, stairwells, enclosures and more are made from 19 gauge woven metal. Use them as a blast or safety barrier near heavy equipment.

We offer bold colors such as yellow, black, orange, and more! Regardless if you need to protect your home or commercial establishment, we can get you the exact design you have in mind. Click on the pictures below to get an up-close and personal look at some of the projects we've been able to help our customers create. Then click on the custom product above and tell us how we can help you maintain the utmost safety and security where you need it the most!