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Security mesh comes in several colors, including silver, safety black and safety yellow!
Safety and security mesh comes in many colors, including
red, blue, black, yellow, and even stainless steel as shown here!
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Regardless if it’s your home or business, you want to keep it safe! Our steel mesh curtains are ideal for a number of circumstances, and have 50% more mesh added to each panel for fullness. Please submit the width and height for the space that will display your safety curtain - this will help our manufacturer determine the exact height of the mesh panel(s) and which type of mounting system is appropriate in accordance with the project area.

Metal safety mesh can be useful in many different situations:

  • Privacy: hang in front of the windows inside your home. You can see out, but no one can see in!
  • Security: turn a mesh curtain into a lockable metal screen door, creating a blockade against potential intruders.
  • Safety: for manufacturing establishments, this is a must-have for areas that are subject to errant sparks from welding or slag from the machining process.
  • Protection: helps to create a blast barrier in the case of an equipment malfunction.
  • Barrier: safety mesh is durable and strong enough to stop a person's fall. For all outdoor applications, we recommend weather resistant stainless steel mesh.

Please fill out this form so that we can research the best options for your unique project! We'll get back to you within 2 to 3 business days with a custom quote.

  • Begin by telling us more about your plans, and upload pictures of your intended space for security mesh installation.
  • Please submit the width and height for the space where your mesh panels will be used. This will help our manufacturer determine the exact height of the mesh panel(s). We'll also need to know how many panels you'll need. If you need help determining this, just type in "assistance required".
  • Choose the desired weave thickness. Please note that the manufacturer adds about 50% more mesh for extra safety and security.
  • Please select a mounting style that you prefer. These tracks include the necessary rings/hooks for hanging the woven mesh curtains.
    • Please Note: If our designers feel that your project would benefit from a different track system, we will contact you to discuss the options.
  • Finally, choose your color! We offer an array of powder coat finishes to make your mesh stand out.
    • Please Note: Color-coated mesh is not heat rated and cannot be used near high heat applications as it will discolor!

Click on the pictures below to see some of the finished projects that our customers have asked us to create for their safety and security needs in both commercial and industrial settings!

Waiting rooms are separated from the office area with mesh
Mesh wall panels keep the office area and waiting room private.
Glass mitigation for offices
Get high end security with mesh window treatments!
Custom mesh privacy panels
Mesh privacy panels can be custom made to any length and size.
Safety and security mesh curtains
Safety and security mesh barrier being utilized at a hotel.
Last updated on April 9th 2019.