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Custom mesh shower curtain quote

An aluminum shower curtain is a great way to promote a healthy environment, generate a warmer bathing experience, and add luxurious detail to your bathroom! This eco-friendly alternative to plastic shower curtains and glass doors features a 1/4 inch wire weave with 50% fullness that gathers when pulled aside, much like drapery. This flexible mesh is finished in your choice of four elegant shades: Antique Bronze, Brite Aluminum, Brite Pearl Grey, or Satin Bronze. A clear, odorless lacquer seals the finish and prevents it from fading, rusting, or staining!

1/4 inch weave pattern for aluminum shower curtainsMetal mesh shower curtains are made from 18 gauge aluminum, a material that naturally absorbs heat from the steam in your shower to encompass you in warmth and comfort. The interlocking coils attract the indirect spray from your shower head and encourage the water to flow downward. Because of this, you'll notice just a sprinkling of water on the floor, as much as you would from stepping out of the shower. Smaller tubs, walk-in showers, and certain shower head designs may require the use of a liner.

Our beautiful mesh shower curtains won't rip or tear and offer many other benefits, including:

  • an open feeling shower experience that lets in more light and still maintains an element of privacy
  • a weave pattern that allows your shower space to "breathe" and dry out 
  • woven wire is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth for a cleaner, healthier bathing area
  • 100% recyclable, sustainable material
  • easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to love!

While our aluminum shower curtains can be used with standard hardware, we offer decorative shower curtain hooks in two different finishes, as well as a curved shower rod to complement your mesh panel! Tell us what size you need, and we'll make the curtains and accessories to your specifications! Simply fill out this secure form and upload pictures of your shower area to help us create your custom metal mesh curtain!

Serenity Mesh Shower Curtain Finishes (click on images for larger view)

Antique Bronze mesh shower curtain

Antique Bronze finish

Brite Aluminum mesh shower curtain

Brite Aluminum finish

Brite Pearl Grey mesh shower curtain

Brite Pearl Grey finish

Satin Gold mesh shower curtain

Satin Gold finish

Enhance your bathroom with Serenity shower divider panels!

Antique Bronze shower curtain offers a dramatic, luxurious effect!

Dramatic, luxurious Antique Bronze

Brite Aluminum metal mesh curtain adds texture and brilliance to your shower experience!

Textured, brilliant Brite Aluminum

Soft and subtle Brite Pearl Grey is an amazing finish color for aluminum shower curtains!

Soft, subtle Brite Pearl Grey

Delight in the lavish, mesmerizing Satin Gold aluminum shower curtain!

Lavish, mesmerizing Satin Gold

Available Coordinating Accessories (click on images for larger view)

Antique Bronze shower curtain offers a dramatic, luxurious effect!

Brushed Nickel Curved Shower Rod

Brite Chrome ball hooks to suspend your mesh shower curtain

Brite Chrome Ball Hooks

Satin Nickel ball hooks to suspend your mesh shower curtain

Satin Nickel Ball Hooks

Last updated on January 23rd 2019.

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