Regardless if it’s your home or business, you want to keep it safe! Our steel mesh curtains are ideal for a number of circumstances. Metal safety mesh can be useful in many different situations.

  • Privacy: hang in front of the windows inside your home. You can see out, but no one can see in!
  • Security: turn a mesh curtain into a lockable metal screen door, creating a blockade against potential intruders.
  • Safety: for manufacturing establishments, this is a must-have for areas that are subject to errant sparks from welding or slag from the machining process.
  • Protection: helps to create a blast barrier in the case of an equipment malfunction.
  • Barrier: safety mesh is durable and strong enough to stop a person's fall. For all outdoor applications, you should use our stainless steel mesh.


Last updated on November 6th 2017.