Your corner fireplace doesn’t have to be without a fireplace mantel! Corner fireplaces can be very difficult to find accessories for. There aren’t as many corner fireplace doors and that’s doubly true when it comes to accessories—at least good ones. It’s a good thing you found this one! We love this steel fireplace mantel for corner fireplaces. It’s got a great modern look but is designed for the unique needs of your corner fireplace!

Unlike the rest of our fireplace mantels, this one is made by Custom Metal Company. One of our very favorite companies to do business with, Custom Metal Company makes some of the best corner fireplace doors in the business, so we know that you’re getting quality when you  order this corner fireplace shelf made by them. After all, our customers are important to us and we wouldn’t sell you something that we wouldn’t put on our own fireplaces.

Because corner fireplaces are unique, often with individual needs, we can’t really give you a price. You’ll have to give us a call to help us design your new corner fireplace mantel so that it’s perfect. When done right, this corner fireplace shelf is a real work of art and compliments your home décor perfectly. When customers do business with us they notice a difference. Our products, and the companies we feature, aren’t on the same level as big box stores. When you shop with us you get high quality, American made fire products and top of the line customer service. Give us a call today and let us help you get an amazing corner fireplace mantel!

Follow this diagram to measure your fireplace correctly when filling out the form.  Once your form is submitted, please give us a full business day to get back to you with your custom quote.

Thank you!

Click on the link to see the diagram for measuring your corner mantel for your corner fireplace.


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Last updated on August 21st 2017.