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Chase Cover - No Hole

A no-hole chase cover is a great way to cap off your factory built chimney and safeguard it from weather, debris, and pests. We can custom design a chase cover for your chimney to size. A cross break (the "X" design in the cover) prevents water from collecting on the cap. Welded corners guarantee overall strength. These built to last American products are constructed from your preference of durable stainless steel or top quality copper.

No Hole Chase Cover Diagram

Our chase covers can be further customized to your specifications when it comes to the overall size. Let us know if you want a "finished" size (which means the cap is built to the exact measurements you submit), or a "to fit" size (which is built 3/8 of an inch larger than the measurements you submit). We can also choose to have a drip edge added to your custom chase cover.

Chase Cover with or without a drip edge

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Last updated on May 2nd 2018.