Architectural Drapery Mesh Curtains Quote Form

Get custom made architectural drapery mesh curtains!

Architectural mesh is a beautiful and modern way to create a focal point in a room or venue. In order to create an amazing and focal point with this decorative feature, 50% more mesh is added to each panel for fullness. Please submit the width and height for the space that will display your architectural curtain - this will help our manufacturer determine the exact height of the mesh panel(s) and which type of mounting system is appropriate in accordance with the project area.

Use this beautiful woven metal mesh for a variety of projects:

  • Architectural mesh can create acoustic transparency in an auditorium. "Lower" the ceiling with metal fabric draping to create an intimate atmosphere, without losing sound quality.
  • Hang these mesh curtains over large windows to diffuse bright sunlight, or in different directions from the ceiling to cut down on the glare from lighting fixtures.
  • Create a room divider or an attractive backdrop for your sales floor.
  • Cover unsightly duct work by hanging beautiful mesh panels from the ceiling.
  • Utilize these stainless steel mesh curtains to fashion a shade canopy or focal point on the side of your building. 
  • Architectural mesh can be used as a unique shower curtain (in combination with a liner)!
Choose from a variety of elegant or bright architectural mesh shades!
Click here to see our metallic-style colors!  Click here to see our rainbow color choices!

Please Note: Color-coated mesh is not heat rated and cannot be used with fireplaces and high heat applications as it will discolor!

Mesh Curtain Track Mounting Systems


Please Be Advised: Depending on the size of your project, the manufacturer will determine the appropriate mounting system for your situation, including the rings and/or hooks to be used.

Check out some of these innovative designs that include architectural mesh!


Last updated on September 21st 2018.