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Custom Size Fireplace Mesh Curtains

The mesh curtains are made from a strong durable metal in order to last and keep you safe for years to come. The fireplace mesh curtains are the perfect way to keep sparks and debris in your fireplace where it belongs. The mesh is also perfect for protecting little hands and paws from getting into your fireplace.

The custom size mesh curtains are specially cut to your specific fireplace measurements. Custom fireplace mesh curtains are for those who have an abnormal, very large, or custom cut fireplace. We make sure that your curtains are made to your exact measurements and specifications in order to deliver you with the perfect and quality product!

Check out this video to learn all about mesh curtains!



How do you measure for fireplace curtains?

  • You want to measure the distance from the bottom of your fireplace to the top of the opening. 

Can I paint my fireplace mesh curtains?

  • You can paint your mesh curtains! But we do offer many different finishes to make sure you are getting the perfect curtains for your fireplace!

Do I need fireplace mesh curtains?

  • Fireplace mesh curtains are not required when owning a fireplace. The purpose of the mesh curtain is to maintain safety by keeping all the fire elements within your fireplace and not outside your fireplace.