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Crossfire Brass Burners

A Crossfire Brass Burner will create a fuller, brighter flame for your outdoor fire feature. Completely made from corrosion-resistant brass, these rust proof Crossfire burners are meant to last for years and are backed by a lifetime warranty! The Crossfire Brass Burner technology uses a specific air-to-gas ratio to produce a higher than normal flame that looks more like a natural wood burning fire. These innovative brass burners use less gas than the average stainless steel burner, making this the perfect investment for your fire pit or bowl. 

The Crossfire Brass Burners come in a variety of shapes, including linear and H-style, as well as sizes from 18 to 60 inches, to match the needs of your fire feature. Compatible with natural gas or propane. 


What is difference between a crossfire brass burner and a standard stainless steel burner?

  • Both systems burn at the same BTU rate but the Crossfire brass burners use less gas while producing a flame twice as high. This is achieved by pulling more oxygen and a high velocity gas flow. 
  • Also, the brass is resistant to corrosion and won't rust like stainless steel. Because of this, all crossfire brass burners come with a lifetime warranty.