Our line of fireplace corbel brackets are handcrafted in the United States from quality species of wood and are available in a wide variety of stains, paint, and other finishes to create a custom look perfect for your home decor! We offer a range of options to complement any style while maintaining beautiful, traditional design that will withstand the test of time. Use our corbels as a decorative touch to your fireplace mantels, shelves, and throughout the home in your kitchen, windows, and more!


What is a corbel?

  • A corbel is used as a support, bracket, or decorative accent that projects from a wall underneath a structure.
  • Corbels are traditionally used to as ornamental supports underneath roofs, along columns, underneath ledges, and many more applications.
  • We offer a range of corbels that can be used with mantels, shelves, and other home decor!

Where can I use corbels in decorating?

  • Fireplaces: Corbels are used to add a special touch to fireplace mantels, underneath mantel shelves, or to create a transition to the ceiling or molding!
  • Kitchens: Install corbels underneath cabinets to accent backsplashes or under counter overhangs, decorate table legs, or frame your windows.
  • Home: Add a corbel in door frames or along entryways to act a room divider, create a stationary desk by placing a tabletop above two corbels mounted against the wall, use small corbels as bookends, or dress up windows and roof gables!