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Cooking With Fire

What is the number one thing you love about warm weather? Grilling! Regardless if you are the grilling connoisseur of the neighborhood BBQ or a novice just learning how to effectively stack charcoal to get the best burn, cooking with an open flame is great. We couldn’t agree more! We’ve got some great tips and tricks for grilling out that’ll make everyone designate you the grilling expert anytime there’s an excuse to pull out the BBQ.

Ah, but it’s too cold outside to grill. That doesn’t mean you can’t cook over an open flame!

There’s evidence that cooking over an open flame makes food taste better. Evidence is a strong word: it’s more like popular opinion shared by anyone who has a gas range or oven. Regardless of this anecdotal ‘evidence’, it’s a lot of fun to cook with gas indoors when it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Check out some recipes and techniques you can use to really utilize your gas appliances!

Fireplaces are for more than aesthetics! It's good to know how to use your fireplace for heating or food just in case you can't use the kitchen.

Winter is cold, but our wood stove recipes are perfect for keeping warm, even when it’s chilly outside. Enjoy soups cooked right on your wood stove!

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