Black 2000 Degree Fahrenheit Furnace Cement - Contractor Pack - Case Of 12

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Black Furnace Cement AWP#40

Fits regular caulk gun.


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Withstands 2000 degree temperatures!

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Contractor Pack. The black furnace cement bonds metal to metal to make joints smoke and gas tight. Withstands 2000°F temps.
Use on stoves, grills, ranges, furnaces and other hot surfaces. 10.3 fl oz (304 ml)

Use A.W. Perkins Furnace Cement to install or reset stoves, inserts, furnaces and other heating appliances where high temperatures will be encountered. It seals air and gas leaks, in all types of stoves and furnaces. Ideal high heat sealant for metal to metal joints under 1/8".
Wear rubber gloves and eye protection during application. Protect work area from accidental spills. Water clean up when wet. Remove by sanding, scraping or sandblasting when dry and cured. Furnace cement on glass and enamel surface must be wiped up with warm water immediately or permanent etching will occur. Dried cement cannot be removed from glass or enamel.

How to use it:
Be sure fire is extinguished and that all surfaces are cool to the touch. Insert cartridge in caulking gun and cut tip on an angle to desired diameter. Thoroughly remove all dirt, rust and foreign matter from the surface to be bonded. Dampen area lightly with water and apply cement. Allow at least 24 hours for setting. Cement must be hear cured to obtain maximum strength. Heat gradually when first starting fire

How to caulk like pro!

Silicone & Caulking Tips: DiY like a Pro!

  1. This cartridge fits into a standard caulking gun. For clean application, cut cartridge tip near the end, at approx 45 degree angle.
  2. Surface must be clean, dry, and free of debris. Have some damp rags or a roll of paper towels within reach. Put down newspaper in case of carpet drip.
  3. To lay a professional bead, hold the caulking gun at apx 45 degrees. Spin the cartridge tube so the longest part of your tip is on the top side of the gun.
  4. Now gently squeeze the gun just a bit, and begin to drag a bead starting at the highest point. Only squeeze the gun if your bead is too small. Find a rhythm :)
  5. For a clean job, when laying a bead, "A little dab will do ya!" You can always go back and add more silicone.
  6. After applying and working the silicone, let it cure for at least 30 minutes (at room temperature) before using your appliance.


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