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Contemporary Mantels

There’s more to modern décor than just a beautiful contemporary fireplace door! We pride ourselves on being able to take care of all of your needs, which includes fireplace décor beyond just the fireplace door. We feel that it’s important for your fireplace accents to match and the best way to do that is to get it all from the same place. So, if you have a modern home with styles like the stars, check out our contemporary and modern mantels!

Most of these mantels are made by us, right here in our shop. From beginning to end we designed them so that they’ll compliment our modern fireplace doors and any contemporary fireplace design you may be using in your home. Easy to install, our mantels are made of 14 gauge steel and built to last a lifetime of the normal wear and tear that your family would put on them. Mantels you get at big retail stores are nice, but not made to last like ours.

We also carry Custom Metal Company’s mantels too! Custom Metal Company makes some really fantastic fireplace products so if you buy something made by them, you can rest easy—you’re buying quality that’ll last longer than most other home décor. When we carry another company’s products we hold it to the same standard we hold our own: it has to be the best possible quality made right here at home. You deserve nothing less.

All of the products we make personally (and the vast majority of the companies that we carry) are made in the U.S.A. That’s what sets us apart from other companies. Larger companies with chain stores spread across the nation care less about quality and more about a quick buck. That’s why you see it stamped into their products that they were made overseas. For them, you’re just a dollar sign and a receipt number and they prove it with poor quality products that don’t hold up. Not just that, but customer service that’s either outsourced to other countries or not at all knowledgeable about fire products is pretty common for these companies. Not us. When you buy from us you get quality and if you need help, well you get quality there too with U.S. based customer service representatives that are trained to answer your fireplace questions!
You deserve the best. You know it, we know it. Shop with us and that’s exactly what you’ll get!