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Concrete Planters

Larkspur Tall Planter 20 Inch
Starting at: $378.00
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Amaryllis Round Planter 21 Inch
Starting at: $386.00
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Chamomile Planter 21 Inch
Starting at: $412.00
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Foxglove Tall Planter 24 Inch
Starting at: $430.00
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Juniper Round Planter 28 Inch
Starting at: $454.00
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Magnolia Planter 27 Inch
Starting at: $488.00
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Gardenia Square Planter 22 Inch
Starting at: $502.00
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Amaranth Tall Planter 28 Inch
Starting at: $532.00
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Poppy Vase Planter Square 24 Inch
Starting at: $598.00
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Violet Round Planter 35 Inch
Starting at: $702.00
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Crocus Vase Planter Round 30 Inch
Starting at: $746.00
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Peony Planter 33 Inch
Starting at: $768.00
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Tired of flimsy plastic planters? Looking for a more durable home for your beloved flora and fauna? How about a precast concrete vase planter? We have round and square planters in various sizes for all of your chlorophyll babies. Give your tiny plants a boost with our tall planters. They're also nice for small trees with their roomy bowl depth for roots to comfortably grow. For desert-based plants like cacti with roots close to the surface, we have wide and shallow planters. All precast concrete planters are available in 10 earthy colors. 

Give us a call at 1-877-373-6677 for a custom discount! 


Can I receive a concrete color sample?

Unfortunately, no. Each of our concrete products are custom made, and while every one of our artisans follows the same guidelines for color-mixing, the pouring of the concrete will actually determine the specific hue of the finished product. Therefore, if we send you a color sample, it will not be a true representation of your concrete accent. The colors that we feature online are the closest examples of your chosen shade.

Rest assured that if you order multiples of one color (taupe, for example), the planters will match each other, but there will be specific areas of each feature that show a variance in texture and blending. For example, the color on the lip of one planter may appear slightly bolder in certain areas than the next. This is not a flaw; rather, it is an indication of quality and perfection. This is 100% assurance that your concrete planter was handcrafted.

Why don't you offer free shipping on your Quote Only items?

Quote Only items are special order products that often times are large and heavy enough that special trucking and crating is necessary. Therefore, additional charges would apply. It wouldn't be fair to deem these items "free shipping" and then turn around and surprise you with extra shipping and handling fees. However, we have the ability to negotiate these destination surcharges with the manufacturer based on your product selections and location!